Jeremy Love, usually known as Sauceman Keys was brought into the world in March 1986. He was received by the Love family that is from Kankakee, IL. He’s the lone kid in his family and now he has 6 children; five young ladies and one kid. His objectives in life are to clear a path for his kids and perhaps more. He needs to clear a route for them to do and be anything they desire to be throughout everyday life. He needs his kids to not need to accomplish a lot of leg function as he needed to do.

“Reason being is on the grounds that they didnt request to be here so I feel its my commitment to help them on their street 100% of the way” state’s Jeremy.

From the get-go, he headed out to Atlanta with his mom to chip away at a superior life. Jeremy figured out how to be a hawker from his encourage grandparents who are presently expired. His father has been in jail for an unbelievable measure of time for completing wrongdoings that include having two kilo’s of cocaine.

Around the age of twelve Jeremy’s mom moved him away from Kankakee towards the south suburb region of Chicago. He went to Parkland Junior College and took an account class for a very long time at POGO studio’s midtown Champaign, home of well known rapper Ludacris.

Jeremy decided to take his granddads hustle and fathers road way of life to construct what Keys would call “a genuine brilliant road n**.” Playing the drums in chapel and shooting dice on the square with the neighborhood big time street pharmacists was his leisure activities, “pursuing a move” as Keys would state. He built up an affection for music from being compelled to go to chapel until he got more established. He used to be a rapper yet now he’s a music maker. He worked in the P.A. stay with his long time tutor Charles Price, which he took in a great deal about blending and music as a rule.

Sauceman Key’s has worked with; Yung Berg otherwise known as Hitmaka, Chicago’s own Bump J, Cap One, Lil sketchy and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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