The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on almost every industry, especially ones that need physical proximity to do their business. Unfortunately, one of the most affected fields is the entertainment industry. Actress and model Jocelyn Wedow has experienced these changes firsthand, and she wants to shed light on the subject.

Jocelyn only started her career recently and was set to make her screen debut in Summit Fever when filming began last spring. However, production has been pushed back again and again as the pandemic rages. “It’s really disappointing,” Wedow said. “I’m so restless to start working on the film. I want to be on set so badly, but I know that safety comes first.” While some films and television shows are being pushed back in their production cycles, others are still filming, but with strict COVID-19 safety procedures. Shows like The Bachelor and Riverdale are requiring cast members to take health screenings every day, and they’re only letting in cast and crew who have quarantined for two weeks. “It sounds stressful. It’s not the best environment to make art in. I really feel for everyone in the industry during this pandemic, whether they’re working or not.” Last but not least, movie theaters are one of the hardest hit businesses, and they’ve been required to close in many areas. That means that even if movies are able to be produced, they make very little at the box office or are moving directly to a streaming service. “The theaters are such an important part of our industry. I hope Summit Fever will be able to release on the silver screen.” While the pandemic has caused huge issues for the movie industry, it looks like the end may be in sight. “The vaccine will make all the difference.”

In addition to her work on Summit Fever, Jocelyn has been cast in an upcoming project with Film Director Michael Bay. While she can’t spill too much information yet, she can’t wait to work with the legendary Director. She also is a model signed with CW Management and Elite Model Management, so she’s able to complete these gigs off to the side. “I have a lot going on moving forward.”

While Jocelyn Wedow’s career has been greatly impacted by the pandemic, she’s chosen to look at it with a positive outlook. Eventually, Hollywood will return to normal, and she’ll be able to make a name for herself on the acting scene.

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