The much-talked-about professional racing team has made quite a buzz with their robust team of race car drivers and has gained much momentum in the industry.

Wondrous are those success stories that live up to the expectations of their target demographic and, most importantly, to the expectations of themselves as brands and businesses. Many of such brands and entities have emerged, especially in the sporting space of the world, giving rise to many success stories that have shown the power to influence and motivate more people towards their respective sport. Who would have ever thought about the massive development and consistent growth of the motor racing space, across the world, especially in South America? But the sport has indeed gained much momentum and has taken teams like Team Mohamed’s to exponential levels of success.

Much has already been spoken about what we today know as the professional sports team, which has always made sure to bring great achievements to their region, especially in Guyana, where it is based. The idea of coming up with a motor racing team was of its founder Azruddin Mohamed, who initially got into the sport for his love for racing cars, but then also realized that he was working for a bigger purpose in the industry for taking the sport to much higher levels of development and growth through their successes and achievements.

Team Mohamed’s has so far created several records on the racing tracks and has emerged as one fine example of a professional motor race team that many other up-and-coming teams are vying to become. The team already has a fleet of incredible vehicles like professional sports bikes and beast racing cars like Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, a 4000hp Pro Mod Ford Mustang, and three undefeated GTRs, with horsepower ranging from 2000 to 2500hp. The team is now making sure to add on more such beasts and work around attaining many more records in the sport in the coming years. Their consistent success must be attributed to the passionate race car drivers, who have held a lifelong passion for cars.

Team Mohamed’s has been consistently taking all the right steps towards the greater development of the motor racing sport.

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