Samsung’s method, which permits automatic recording when enabled, does not announce call recording, in contrast to Google Dialer.

Samsung plans to further simplify the lives of Galaxy users going forward. VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) option was formerly unavailable to Samsung consumers who did not own a Galaxy S24. The functionality is currently only available on the Galaxy S24 series, which runs Android 14 OS with OneUI 6.1. However, it should soon be available on previous models as well. On Galaxy devices, audio call recording was possible, but only in situations where VoWiFi was disabled or required third-party applications.

Samsung’s technique, which permits automatic recording when enabled, does not announce call recording, compared to Google Dialer. With the most recent version of the dialer software (version 15.1.66 or above), VoWiFi call recording is possible on Galaxy smartphones and supports both VoLTE (4G) and VoNR (5G) calls.

A pop-up that reads “cannot record WiFi calls” is now displayed on phones running OneUI 6 or earlier versions of Samsung smartphones. Only three smartphones have this feature at the moment. VoWiFi calling can be enabled from the quick settings panel, allowing users to make and receive voice and video calls using the Samsung dialer software.

VoWiFi audio quality is superior over conventional voice conversations, especially indoors or in places where cellular network service is erratic. Moreover, it avoids call disconnections brought on by network problems.

In particular situations, call recording can prove to be a life-saving function. You might want to consider recording every call you take in order to have at least some form of documentation in case things don’t work out and you need to defend yourself.

How To Set Up A Samsung Galaxy Phone To Automatically Record Calls:

On your Galaxy phone, you can choose to automatically record calls, keeping track of both incoming and outgoing conversations. Although all voice calls are recorded, the amount of data used by each recorded call is usually measured in kilobytes, thus your phone’s storage capacity is not greatly affected.

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