Although Apple hasn’t formally announced a spring event to introduce new products, there appears to be a lot of interest in holding one. It has been over four months since Apple updated the iMac and launched the M3 generation of Mac CPUs in the MacBook Pro, but Apple still has Macs waiting for the M3 treatment. It would take a long seven months to wait until the Worldwide Developers Conference following its release.

Apple is expected to announce new Macs in the spring, most likely the following month.

MacBook Air 13- and 15-inch models

As certain as it gets, a MacBook Air upgrade will be released—unless Apple withholds information until the big reveal. All in all, the M3, which is slated to take the place of the M2 found in the current models, is accessible. Since M3 MacBook Pros are currently on the market, Apple must upgrade the Air to appropriately match those machines. Plus, the timing couldn’t be better. In July 2022, Apple launched the 13-inch M2 MacBook Air, and in June of last year, the 15-inch M2 model was unveiled.

Apple can also synchronize the releases of the 13- and 15-inch devices using a spring release. But Apple is only going to improve the chip. This design was unveiled with the debut of the 2022 Air, thus it won’t be changing anytime soon.

Mac Mini

Included in the original M1 Mac lineup, the entry-level Mac mini received an update in January 2023 along with the M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pro models. But the November M3 release did not include the Mac mini. Thus, it appears that both an M3 Pro Mac mini and an M3 Mac mini for spring are on the horizon.

There have been no reports of a Mac mini makeover, thus this release might just include spec revisions. In Apple’s Mac lineup, the Mac mini design has been around for the longest—it will turn 14 years old in June. Rumors that Apple may reduce the size of the Mac mini have been around for years because it seems that the move to M-series CPUs freed up a lot of room inside the device. Why alter the form when it functions well and doesn’t seem out of date?

Which Macs won’t be available in spring

Given that Apple is likely to use the event to highlight significant iPad enhancements, new MacBook Airs and Mac minis this spring seem like enough, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Regarding the remaining Macs in Apple’s range:

  • MacBook Pro and iMac: An upgrade that will include M4 chips is premature given the release of the M3 last November. There are rumors that the M4 will go on sale in 2025. Although there were rumors about a larger iMac last fall, Gurman reported that they might not materialize until 2025 or later this year.
  • Mac Studio: The M3 Ultra chip, which would be included in the Mac Studio along with the M-series Max, has not yet been released by Apple. It may be unveiled at WWDC in June, as the M2 Max and Ultra Mac Studio were announced during the previous year’s event. It seems fitting that Macs with the upgraded M3 Ultra emerge at WWDC, given a recent source said that Apple is increasing the “AI computing power of M3 and A17 processors.” Other reports have indicated that AI will make a major splash at the conference.
  • Mac Pro: An additional Mac that uses the M-series Ultra chip; it might be shown at WWDC next to the Mac Studio.
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