WhatsApp has begun utilizing Status messages to help its clients to remember the informing service’s “commitment to your privacy,” following the new confusion with respect to changes to its privacy policy a month ago.

“WhatsApp is now on Status,” the message begins. “We’ll let you know about new features and updates here. One thing that isn’t new is our commitment to your privacy. WhatsApp can’t read or listen to your personal conversations as they’re end-to-end encrypted. Stay tuned for more updates!”

The Stories-style in-application messages started showing up throughout the end of the week for clients in the U.S. also, the U.K., while clients in India have purportedly been accepting them for more. In an statement given to The Verge, WhatsApp clarified the thinking behind the move:

“There’s been a lot of misinformation and confusion around our recent update and we want to help everyone understand the facts behind how WhatsApp protects people’s privacy and security,” a WhatsApp spokesperson told The Verge. “Going forward, we’re going to provide updates to people in the Status tab so people hear from WhatsApp directly. Our first update reaffirms that WhatsApp cannot see your personal messages, and neither can Facebook, because they are protected by end-to-end encryption.”

WhatsApp initially reported its new use terms early a month ago, and the progressions at the time recommended WhatsApp would impart extra information to Facebook, for example, telephone number, service-related information, IP address, and transaction information. WhatsApp has since clarified that the update doesn’t influence information sharing to Facebook regarding client talks or profile data, with the new terms rather applying to the individuals who utilize the business chat highlight.

Through posts via social media, WhatsApp has assured clients that its privacy policy update doesn’t influence the security of messages. It has additionally added to its FAQ to address clients’ privacy concerns identifying with information offering to Facebook.

However, that hasn’t halted a exodus of millions of clients from the support of opponent informing applications like Telegram and Signal, the two of which have been quick to exploit the circumstance for their potential benefit.

Telegram has since added the capacity for clients to import their talk history from WhatsApp so they won’t lose old discussions, while Signal as of late got an update containing a few new highlights obviously intended to interest previous WhatsApp clients.

Owing from the confusion, WhatsApp says it has selected to defer the new privacy policy changes for a three months, however it isn’t dropping them.

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