YouTube is apparently offering cash to podcasters in a bid to motivate them to make video versions of their shows, as indicated by a report from Bloomberg.

Individuals near the circumstance told Bloomberg that YouTube is offering individual shows $50,000 and up to $300,000 for podcast networks, conceivably to finance shot episodes and other video-based content.

Despite being a stage for video, Google-claimed YouTube has various famous podcasts, including the H3 Podcast, Full Send Podcast, and the Logan Paul-drove Impulsive. It even aided encourage the development of the controversial Joe Rogan Experience, which Spotify bought the exclusive rights to in 2020.

YouTube has been making little advances towards satisfying audience members on the stage. In October, it started permitting all Canadian clients to pay attention to sound without having the application open – a feature previously simply accessible to YouTube Premium endorsers.

Around a similar time, YouTube likewise employed Kai Chuk to lead the company’s podcasting endeavors. Despite the fact that Spotify as of now upholds video digital recordings, getting well-known shows to make going with recordings that are maybe selective to the stage could assist with building a group of people that needs something beyond sound.

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