Born and raised in Poznan, Poland, Bolli Blas is an artist known for the bright-eyed characters in her paintings that depict a childlike innocence and represent a utopia that’s free of prejudice, violence, and hatred. 

This is what sets her apart from the other artists in the industry. However, her art style at present is not how she started her career. 

Starting With the Classics 

Bolli Blas’s love for painting began at a very young age and was supported by her parents. 

“My parents taught me how to hold a brush and encouraged me to create. My Dad was really good at making things and always involved me in his projects. Every time I painted something new, he used to frame it and display it right in the living room,” she shared. 

Before she moved to the United Kingdom in 2006, she recalls having two paintings by renowned Polish artists, Malczewski and Wyspianski, in her childhood home which later sparked her love for painting. 

As she grew older, Bolli Blas became conditioned to believe that good art meant traditional-style landscapes, portraits, or still lifes. She would later  begin her career through classical painting and working with landscapes as well as still-life objects. 

But after leaving her corporate job and traveling to some of the poor countries in Central and South America, Asia, and Africa, her perspective about life as well as her art style shifted in a way that represents joy and harmony. 

Thus, the Bollis were born. 

About Her Bollis 

The Polish artist shared that her Bollis are very much connected to her early childhood art. 

“I have come to realize that art is an expression of the self. I want to create something unique rather than simply adding to the canon of what is established taste. My art is different now than it was just a few short years ago, but it has basically come back full circle to where I began with my life experiences to color it,” she explained. 

Some of the distinct characteristics that her paintings possess are the big, round eyes of her Bollis and the childlike depiction that symbolizes innocence which conveys her central message of keeping our eyes open to things around us, not believe in lies, and be prepared for surprises as things may not be what they seem. 

“I want people to look around. We seem to have lost sight of what’s important in life. Having a big house, nice car, clothes, jewelry. Consumerism generally, it’s an addiction. A habit that’s hard to break. An obsession with possession. You get one life. I want to say that it’s about each other, noticing more than just the immediate environment–it’s about love and support,” she shared. 

Check out Bolli Blas and her artwork on her Instagram account.

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