What was the most challenging thing you’ve encountered in terms of traveling and photography?

The most challenging thing was when I started traveling. I wanted to be different in my trips and tips, especially when there’s so much travelers and photographers. I found my way of traveling and photography through my phone. Like this I can show people how I book my trips and how can I find places or how To capture the best photos when I am traveling. I feel free with only my phone in my hands.

Do you think an iPhone is sufficient enough for traveler to take great photos and videos during their trips?

Absolutely yes, iPhone or smart phones in general had changed my life. Having a phone and wanting to take nice photos made me travel alone and pushed me to make friends all over the world just because we all share the same passion for photography.

Is it hard to travel alone, and do you recommend it ?

For me it’s fun sometimes and sometimes gets really boring, I can’t recommend this to everyone because we all different in how we like to travel.

What are your travel tips for summer 2020 ? 

Sardinia ( Italy ) – Porquerolles ( France ) – St. Mortitz ( Switzerland) – Iceland ( but it’s going to be cold )

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