Derrick Kinney is a successful wealth coach. As the CEO of Good Money Framework, LLC and the host of the new “Good Money Good Hands Good Work” podcast, he helps people grow their net worth. Here are his top five insights to make that happen for you.

Clean your slate
You cannot stay in debt and hope to improve your financial situation. When you’re in debt, it’s like an alarm clock in your mind you can’t snooze. You wake up, it’s there. You go to sleep, it’s there. And since technology has made it easy to dig up people’s credit and finance history, you will find it difficult to find someone who’ll put their faith in you despite the desire you might have to start fresh. So clear your debts if you wish to grow your net worth.

Engage a professional
The world of finance is labyrinthine. It has many twists and turns and many secret doorways, and if you are not careful, you are sure to lead yourself down a path that can be a never-ending spiral of confusion and delays. However, a professional, like a wise and friendly wizard, can help you navigate your way through it. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the jargon, commit yourself to the hands of an expert.

Make the right investment moves
There are many investment choices out there. Stocks, options, real estate, and more. Consider investing when you have extra money lying around which is not moving. As your stock grows, so grows your money. And to keep your growth exponential, make sure you learn about the best and most reliable players to invest in.

Think about insurance carefully
An unforeseen, uninsured event can come in the way of your net worth. Make sure you are prepared for sudden challenges, not only to cope with the situation but also to keep your money protected. Again, go for the best options available, and don’t let the high-premiums make you think twice. You must see insurance as a protective cover, and if you find yourself facing an unpleasant phenomenon, you’ll be glad to be covered by the best.

Control over your expenses
Last but not the least, I encourage you to identify your spending patterns. Be careful, diligent, and most importantly, don’t be frivolous. Once you develop a healthy relationship with money, you never regret it.

Simple practices performed consistently seem to be the best way to grow your net worth over a period of time.

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