JioMotive, Reliance Jio’s first automotive OBD device, promises to turn any car into a smart vehicle in a matter of minutes. This cutting-edge technology has a multitude of capabilities that are intended to improve overall driving enjoyment and strengthen vehicle security.

The cost of JioMotive

JioMotive is now available on Reliance Digital for just Rs. 4,999, a significant savings of approximately 58 percent, while it is listed at a retail price of Rs. 11,999. It provides subscription-based services, with no cost for the first year. You can use all the features beyond this introductory term for Rs. 599 per year. It’s essential to remember that the gadget may only be used with a Jio SIM card.

JioMotive’s features

JioMotive is made to fit into the On-board Diagnostics (OBD) port on your automobile, which is usually located under the steering wheel in most cars. You can immediately keep an eye on your car’s movements using real-time 4G GPS vehicle tracking. It also contains an e-SIM, which means you can connect it to your existing data plan without having to buy a new SIM card.

The gadget also has Geo Fencing built in, which lets users create virtual borders on a map to track the location of their car. An alert is set off when the vehicle leaves the designated region. Users are also notified when the car has been enabled using the time fencing feature.

Among the many smart features that JioMotive offers is Health Status Monitoring, which provides useful information about the health of your car, including engine load and battery percentage. In the event that problems occur, it further offers Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) notifications.

The device has a trip tracker and the Driving Performance Analysis provides information on your driving habits and style. Notably, JioMotive has tools for accident detection and anti-theft.

Reliance In a press release, Jio said, “The majority of smartphone models now have internet connectivity, giving consumers access to information about the internal workings of their automobile, such as location, engine health, and even driving performance. What happens, though, if you drive an outdated car or a new base model? You can now install these intelligent features in your automobile without having to do any extensive rewiring thanks to JioMotive.”

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