In their declaration of the February 2021 events for Pokémon GO, Niantic refreshed players on their plans to make quality-of-life changes in adjustments with the game. We should investigate the entirety of the plans this mobile developer needs to make Pokémon GO a more easy to understand experience.

Niantic posted the accompanying quality-of-life updates to their authority Pokémon GO blog:

“You can look forward to an image gallery showing off the PokéStop and Gym images that you and other Trainers have submitted. This feature will roll out in different regions over time—starting with level 40+ Trainers in New Zealand on Tuesday, February 9, 2021—and will become available worldwide to Trainers level 38 and above toward the end of March 2021.”

This is definitely a “let’s see this in practice” type highlight. It’s nothing that Pokémon GO players were requesting, truly, yet it very well may be something that improves the game. It’s indistinct if this gallery will be comprised of exclusively PokéStop accommodation photographs or film taken by players who do the inadequately got AR+ assignments, however.

In any case, it’s hard to picture how this will add to the game, yet Niantic is known for pulling a great amazement to a great extent. The jury is out on this until it turns out.

Ever needed to capture the moment you level up in Pokémon GO to impart to companions? Before long, you’ll have the option to do exactly that—without screenshotting! The level-up social offer component will be coming in February to Trainers around the world.

Furthermore, to wrap things up, you’ll before long have the option to move Legendary and Mythical Pokémon while choosing different Pokémon by enabling the functionality in the game settings. We trust this will make managing Pokémon storage somewhat simpler for those of you who have amassed particularly enormous collections.

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