His genuine initiative for people with special needs in the form of ‘Lametkher initiative’ in itself exhibits his dexterity and zealousness as a benefactor of change.

It all depends on what choices a person makes in his/her life that can truly help define the kind of individual he/she is. It is these choices that help people to turn their lives from being ordinary individuals to becoming extraordinary professionals in their respective fields. The medical profession is a heavy-duty job and doctors and surgeons are constantly on the run in their duties to serve people with their excellence in treatments. One general surgeon we know of has gone beyond boundaries and has been creating a lot of buzz around social media platforms as well for his mission in providing the most correct medical information amongst people and make them more aware about topics and information they were unclear with; he is Dr Zaid Al-Samkari.

He took this initiative of clearing people’s doubts and misconceptions about much medical information and went ahead and created his original medical series called TikTALK which has been seen as a massively growing and recognized show where Dr Zaid Al-Samkari himself interviews people on the streets and tries to know their misconceptions about the medical field and content, which he then and there also clears it out with his years of experience and knowledge. This show consists of eight episodes every season and with every episode, the viewership has skyrocketed, thanks to Dr Zaid Al-Samkari’s perseverance and consistent efforts in carrying out these social experiments.

Completing his education from the university based in Sydney, Australia, Dr Zaid Al-Samkari did his residency program at the Royal Medical Services Hospitals, Arab board and completed his graduation from Jordan University of Science and Technology. His excellence in general surgery knew no bounds and with his increased knowledge, he decided to utilize the social media platforms to reach more people and empower them with the right knowledge. Being the humanitarian that he is apart from a general surgeon, Dr Zaid Al-Samkari also founded ‘Lametkher initiative’ to make a positive impact on people with special needs. For the same, he even did 22 successful events joining hands with several governmental and medical institutions.

His content on social media has breached over 100 million views appealing to all age groups and moreover to women between 18-24 years and older. On an average on Instagram, views on his stories reach 15K and on TikTok per month on an average viewership reaches 30,000,000. He even did collaborations and advertisements with major drug stores and medical companies in the Kingdom of Jordan via his relevant and creative stories and posts.

Truly, Dr Zaid Al-Samkari has proved that the spirit to bring about a better change in the society by spreading the right information and also working for people with special needs can make an individual turn into an extraordinary success story for the world to know.

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