Happy birthday, Astor Piazzolla!

TODAY’S Google Doodle celebrates what might be the 100th birthday celebration of Astor Piazzolla.

The legendary Argentine composer died in 1992 – yet his story lives on.

Who is Astor Piazzolla?

Piazzolla is known for revolutionising the traditional tango.

He made a hybrid genre referred to generally as ‘nuevo tango’.

He was born in Argentina in 1921 – yet moved to New York with his family at a youthful age.

His dad got him a bandoneon – which is an accordion-like-instrument that assists with making the tango sound.

Piazzolla composed his first tango at 11 years old.

After he got back to Argentina, he surrendered tango to study classical music and become a pioneer traditional composer.

Later on throughout everyday life, he applied his knowledge of classical music to the tango sound and made the band ‘Octeto Buenos Aires’.

It is assessed that he composed 3,000 unique compositions and recorded an extra 500.

Google Doodle chose to celebrate his life on March 11 as he would have celebrated his 100th birthday celebration today.

When did Astor Piazzolla die?

The legendary composer unfortunately died on July 4, 1992.

The Astor Piazzolla International Airport in Mar del Plata has been named in his honor.

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