For those who own an iPhone 13 or 14 but have yet to upgrade to an iPhone 15, there is good news. According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 17.2 update will allow iPhones 13 and 14 to use Qi2 wireless charging, much as the iPhone 15.

Developers can now access the iOS 17.2 release candidate in beta testing mode thanks to a recent release from Apple that includes release notes detailing every bug patch and new feature. According to one of the features, all iPhone 13 and 14 models will soon utilize the new Qi2 wireless charging technology that was featured on the iPhone 15.

In terms of charging speed, Qi2 wireless charging is better than the original Qi wireless charging. The first Qi would frequently provide less than the 15W that the second generation gives for charging. According to Veger, the majority of Qi (original version) charger manufacturers choose to build either 7.5W or 10W chargers due to cost considerations and other performance-related factors.
Quick charging times are one area where Qi2 clearly outperforms the competition. It’s good to see that older iPhones now have the same privileges as the iPhone 15, which was the first iPhone to support Qi2.

The announcement is timely because the first Qi2 accessories ought to be available on store shelves shortly.
According to MacRumors, consumers will be able to access both this functionality and iOS 17.2 at a later date this month. They clarify that the new version is probably going to be released early next week because they were able to obtain the release candidate on December 5.

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