One of the most understated yet important industries in the country is that of transportation. Frozen goods, tech equipment, furniture—almost everything is transported throughout the country via trucks, yet few people know the nuances of the trade well. In 2018, entrepreneur Alix Burton revolutionized the industry with his digital training platform, Good Energy Worldwide. Here, he talks about his journey and the success he managed to achieve without ever needing a commercial driver’s license of his own.

Burton’s business is today one of the most highly successful in the trucking industry. He has over 100 trucks, and his podcast, Earn Your Leisure, has garnered almost a million views. The idea of launching an online platform where people could learn the ins and outs of owning a successful business in the trucking industry came to him after he realized the lack of credible resources and high demand in the market. His course has risen to the top spot in the country with 100 percent 5-star reviews on Google.

Burton first started his business back in 2012 with a fleet of trucks and a vision. Before long, the business ran almost entirely on cruise control and Burton wanted to expand it more. He started with one-on-one consultations, but felt overwhelmed with the number of wait-listed requests by people wanting to make a living in the industry and a lack of other resources. After noticing a gap in the market, he decided to take his knowledge online, where many more people could benefit from it.

This prompted the launch of a step-by-step guide packed with resources for his students and success for thousands of people all across the country. He has also been interviewed by many top-notch companies, including the largest transportation business, Uber, for his commendable impact in the field. He comments, “I always advise youngsters to focus on mastering each element of their business before wanting to expand it further than their team can manage.”

The platform is named Good Energy Worldwide because of Burton’s faith in how it helps improve people’s lifestyle and transform them into better versions of themselves. His effective communication skills combined with an ability to connect with people makes this business one of a kind. He believes in his mantra and goal to have one asset for every liability and a secure future for his family.

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