Feb. 14 is about sweets, hearts, and red and pink, and Krispy Kreme is ensuring each one of those bases are covered with its new “Dough-Notes” collection. Like a year ago’s Conversation Hearts Doughnuts, the entirety of the donuts in the assortment are heart-shaped, however there are new fillings this time around.

The Dough-Notes doughnuts are probably similarly bubbly as you can get for Valentine’s Day. As we referenced, they’re in the equivalent of hearts, yet they likewise are covered in such a lot of red, pink, and white with extra heart segments that it would appear that Cupid himself is behind these.

Set up your taste buds for the Sprinkled Heart, Sugar Cookie Heart, Strawberries and Kreme Heart, and Chocolate Caramel Heart doughnuts.

Sprinkled Heart: Heart-shaped doughnut filled with Cake Batter Kreme, plunged in red icing, and finished off with heart sprinkles.

Sugar Cookie Heart: Heart-shaped doughnut loaded up with Sugar Cookie Kreme, plunged and drizzled with white icing, and sprinkled with a Valentine’s sugar mix.

Strawberries and Kreme Heart: Heart-shaped doughnut loaded up with Strawberries and Kreme, plunged in strawberry icing, and designed with a sugar piece heart.

Chocolate Caramel Heart: Heart-shaped doughnut loaded up with Caramel Kreme, plunged in chocolate icing, drizzled with white icing, and finished off with valentine confetti sprinkles.

These limited-version doughnuts arrive in a custom Valentine’s Day dozen box that was intended to resemble a postmarked letter. It’s an extraordinary choice for surprising your friends and family with a crate indicating the amount you give it a second thought, and you can even add a custom note when you order online. You can get the Dough-Notes goodies starting on Feb. 1 at partaking shops.

“Valentine’s Day marks another holiday that many of us will be spending apart from our loved ones, but we still want to show people how much they meant to us. So, we’ve created these new heart-shaped doughnuts and ‘Dough-Notes’ to help fans share their full hearts with anyone who has a special place in theirs,” Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme head marketing official, said in a public statement.

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