The Genesis AI is advertised as a writing helper that attempts to expedite and simplify journalistic activities so that reporters have more time.

A new AI model that Google is introducing is meant to assist journalists.

New artificial intelligence (AI) software called Genesis is being tested by Google. By analyzing current events along with relevant data, an AI technology will be able to produce news stories. News institutions like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and News Corp, which owns The Wall Street Journal, had been shown this new innovation by Google.

How does Genesis AI work?

The Genesis AI, which functions as a writing assistant in essence, intends to expedite and simplify journalistic activities so that reporters can devote more time to more difficult work. According to Google, this technology is a responsible step in leading the publishing sector away from the dangers of generative AI.

The New York Times reported that some officials who were present for Google’s pitch expressed concern over the potential consequences. They stressed the importance of human creativity in producing factual and artistic news stories and expressed concern about how this AI tool would compromise journalistic ethics.

Genesis AI is not yet the subject of an official Google statement.

What makes this so important?

Google’s venture into news reporting The ongoing discussion over technology’s impact on the future of journalism now includes a new angle brought on by AI. Around the world, news organizations are debating how to use AI in their newsrooms responsibly. The issue of compromising accuracy and the dissemination of false information is also a glaring consequence of the new technology.

During one of its initial presentations earlier this year, Google’s own chatbot Bard was observed making major factual errors. Although chatbots and big language models are improving, the lack of tools to recognize AI-written text is another barrier the AI industry must overcome.

The possible consequences of Genesis AI, which is still in the testing stage, will surely prompt conversations inside the sector. While AI has the potential to significantly increase the production of news, questions remain regarding the reliability and validity of content produced by AI as opposed to human-written stories.

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