The redesigned app displays a card with a considerably smaller “Hold to reader” indicator right away, whereas the previous design had a large and unnecessary NFC prompt at the top. Credit and debit cards are also no longer displayed side by side; instead, a more intricate cover flow animation is used.

As a result of the reduced spacing and the move from the original docking effect to a more conventional list architecture, you notice more passes per screen in the interim.

On phones that have the new design rolling out, that old version is showing up once more. When you launch Wallet on Pixel using the Quick Settings Tile or lockscreen shortcut, the previous user interface returns. Use of the app icon keeps the updated design in place.

In fact, the Recents multitasking menu shows them side by side. In the previous design, the Wallet icon was displayed on a black background; in the current design, it is only the app icon.

There was no difference on Pixel until a few days ago, when the new look would always load. Several Pixel phones were shown to have this outdated Google Wallet design on them in the last 24 hours.

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