He is a certified international nasheed artist who dedicated himself to Sufism and his humanitarian work for people.

To think about having specific skills in oneself and to go ahead in exuding the same to thrive high in one’s chosen industry are two different things. Many times, a few individuals do not realize what they possess as professionals, but some of them understand and discover their talents at a very young age, and without wasting any more time, they directly jump into the fields they wish to become a part of only to challenge themselves and to see if they can make it.

Some even reach their desired success levels, proving their incredible talents. Hamzah Khan is one such vocalist and Sufi singer who felt a deep connection with someone up there and, at the age of five, was already into creating faith-inspired songs.

Today, this self-made man who has a passion for making faith-inspired music has immersed himself in the traditional Sufi culture and has been working rigorously to inspire the world through his art of work and through the many songs he creates, taking people towards Sufism.

Though as a kid, he was also much into sports like semi-pro cricket and football, music captured major parts of his heart, and thus, he didn’t even realize when he actually got all into the music world. He has always remained excited and passionate about spreading his religion in the way of poetry, which he believes is one of the most beautiful ways to touch people’s hearts.

For doing something much beyond all this, Hamzah Khan then decided to be to various countries and visit the Middle East, Lebanon, Pakistan, the UK, and Bangladesh Rohingya to carry out his humanitarian activities. He has also been to Europe and most parts of the Middle East to sing or record singles for his YouTube channel, which has even earned him a loyal base of fans and followers.

Creating art and following his dreams has allowed Hamzah Khan to be the international nasheed artist he is today, who has also been awarded with a certificate. His passion for being a nasheed artist, following the style and tradition of Islam, his religion has earned him a respectable name in the Islamic world, and that is how he has made a name for himself in the nasheed world.

To follow this nasheed artist and his work, follow him on Instagram @hamzahkhanofficial and Spotify.

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