The most widely used web browser, Google Chrome, has recently been upgraded for iPhone users. With this upgrade, users will be able to personalize the menu bar to suit their preferences. Although iOS comes with Safari as the default browser, Chrome is working hard to improve the experience for iPhone users. Chrome promises a better quality of life with this upgrade.

Personalized Chrome menu bar customization:

Prior to this update, iPhone users could customize the carousel and menu bar based on what content was most frequently seen on the device. The carousel used to be extremely annoying since it was always shuffling. But now that there is a new version, users can customize the menu as they see fit. This is how you can change your browser’s settings.

Press and hold the three dots shown at the very top of the menu bar when you launch Google Chrome. It will launch the carousel and lead you to an overflow menu. If you slightly scroll down, the Customize Menu option will appear. This option was known as Show Frequently Used Items First before to the upgrade. However, you may now turn off the menu bar for the smart sort. At that point, nothing you have selected to see will be affected.

Everything else on the carousel can be removed, with the exception of Settings and Site Information: Bookmarks, Downloads, History, Password Manager (which features a handy home-screen widget that lets you search for stored credentials when tapped), Reading List, Recent Tabs, Track Price, and What’s New.

The action list, which includes Follow, Add to bookmarks, Add to reading list, Clear browsing data, Translate, Request Desktop site, Find in Page, and Zoom Text, may also be mixed and checked. Without a doubt, this upgrade improves the surfing experience by properly fitting the user’s preferences and workflow. Worldwide, the update is being made available to all iPhone users.

Security problems with Google Chrome:

The Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-in) at The Center recently alerted the public to security flaws in certain Google Chrome web browser versions and encouraged them to update right away. As mentioned in the most recent warning Google Chrome has multiple serious security vulnerabilities. They cautioned that the hackers can gain total control of the device if they take advantage of these vulnerabilities.

The organization has identified three major security vulnerabilities: heap buffer overflow, use after free in scheduling, and type misunderstanding in V8. For Windows and Mac, Chrome versions prior to 125.0.6422.76/.77 and prior to 125.0.6422.76 are affected by these bugs.

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