There’s no feeling quite like purchasing a new car – it’s always a memorable experience. Your vehicle represents you and makes a statement, which is why so many choose to invest in getting the right ride.

Farago Motors by Nicholas Farago provides buyers from across the UAE access to an exclusive array of hand-selected cars. This award-winning dealership puts you in the driver’s seat of your dream car, with brands such as Toyota, KIA, Mitsubishi, etc. There is a range of cars for an array of budgets, tastes and preferences. Farago motors pairs exceptional customer service with fantastic offers. Its team speaks 15 different languages, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment at its showroom.

Farago Motor said it believes it is now the largest car seller and exporter of Toyota vehicles in Dubai.

Amid the push for increased digital sales, though, Farago Motors isn’t taking its eyes off the traditional car lot. The company is planning to open new locations in different regions too.

Investors seemed pleased with the car company’s report, with its sales rising nearly 40% Post-Covid scene.

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