If you aren’t familiar with the name yet, Shah is a talented rap and hip-hop singer from Antwerp, Belgium. He is also quite famous on the social media platform and has got over a million views on his songs in just a span of 10 months since his debut. 

Since childhood his talent and quality of singing were visible. Shah has spent his childhood in Antwerp. His study was also done there, but he was not interested in the basic school education system. Shah is of the opinion that this education system will not educate you about the lessons of life, but teach you how to take orders and obey them, ultimately making you into a robot who will work for your boss and fulfil his desire.

Shah believes in giving his everything towards his work and every project which he takes under his wings turns out to be a masterpiece in its own sense. Even after achieving his dreams and living a lavish lifestyle, he has managed to keep himself grounded. He knows where he has come from and the memories keep the child in him alive. He is naturally a humble guy who loves rap music. His talent is among those which we do not find easily.

On being asked about his availability, Shah said that he is always available since he is his own boss. He also has no specific mentor and considers himself his biggest mentor. This shows how he pushed through this journey and emerged successful all due to his own talent and hard work. Besides Tupac, Legendary rapper Eminem is also his idol and motivation. His only dream in life is to achieve the ultimate freedom in every aspect of life. This is why he wanted to leave school as it discredits the whole idea of becoming independent and promotes the corporate culture of working 24/7 under your boss.

Shah advises everyone to follow their own path instead of stepping over others footprints. He says discipline and self-belief are very important in everybody’s life. Without discipline, you cannot achieve anything in your life. Apart from discipline, intelligence and realness is a must for you to build yourself. By following these rules, Shah has never had to struggle in his life as he always believes any problem to have a solution. With such ambition and drive, a talented rapper like Shah is sure to go very far. He has already made quite a name for himself in Belgium and is now on his way to making a global presence.