It is so common to notice how much time people waste searching continually for miraculous shortcuts to entrepreneurial success and achievement when there is no shortcut to success. Yes, there is a lot of hard work and umpteen sleepless nights to experience success in the cutthroat world of entrepreneurship. 

Hafeez Kudroli, the 24-year-old entrepreneur, is the CEO and Managing Director of Kudroli World. Making a big name in the field of entrepreneurship, the young entrepreneur has authored a book on entrepreneurship named as ‘The Power of Impact Entrepreneurship’, which is a complete encyclopedia on the subject of impact entrepreneurship.

The path to becoming an entrepreneur has no limits and the entrepreneurial attitude and spirit is all you need to have to rule this world. And it is not necessary that you need a lot of cash, business experience or a college degree to become an entrepreneur. But the attitude to take risks, accept failure and move on with full confidence is quite vital to have.

Many entrepreneurs fail and they never try again. And that’s why the world is not aware of them. The successful entrepreneurs, even after witnessing failure, always move ahead and work harder to achieve success and to keep themselves on top. It takes great courage and determination to be an entrepreneur. 

Hafeez Kudroli, the impact entrepreneur, is an apt example of how an entrepreneur must be. It takes a lot of guts to start and run your own business. To achieve success, you have to have a strong passion to drive you to dream big and love what you do. So if you wish to be successful and want to learn how to build your business useful for society and profitable for organization than you must read Hafeez Kudroli’s “The Power of Impact Entrepreneurship”. 

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