Tuned In Tokyo – How did it all begin?

As little kids, co-founders of tuned in Tokyo share a common passion for fashion. This apparel company did not grow out of the blue. There were many trials and errors with different name ideas and clothing lines that came before, Tuned In Tokyo. The idea of Tuned In Tokyo came to be when all the partners decided to innovate a clothing company for automotive enthusiasts at the time. It all started in a small office space and gained traction in the jdm scene. A small business grew to a 7-figure company in less than 1 year.

Past Achievements and Sales Records

With just three years in business, Tuned In Tokyo has managed to break almost all records in terms of the sales figures. The company is known to cross 8-figure sales multiple times in a year, and the revenue is only showing trends upward with every passing year. In such a short time, the company has been able to create a loyal customer base for itself and has been able to accumulate a massive following on social media. The company’s branding and digital presence are what sets it apart from the rest. The best part of the company is their website, they let customers shop individually or they can get a mystery box which comes with countless of merchandise that is hand picked by us to accommodate the customers need.

The mystery boxes are a great value for the buck.

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