The Cold Moon is the 13th and last full moon of 2020 and will be visible for two evenings. Check when, where and how to watch Cold Moon 2020 in India.

The last lunar occasion of the year has arrived as a Cold Moon will illuminate the night skies in a couple of days. The ‘Cool Moon’ is the last full moon of the year, or the full moon of December.

It is additionally called the ‘Long Nights Moon’ in the US. Cold Moon happens just after Christmas day, the ‘Moon after Yule’ in Europe.

This comes after sky watchers saw the ‘Christmas Star’ and the extraordinary combination of Jupiter and Saturn not long before Christmas.


The Cold Moon is the 13th and last full moon of 2020 and will be visible for two evenings.

Cold Moon will occur on Tuesday, December 29.

In India, the Cold Moon will be on December 30.


The Cold Moon will be at its top on December 29 at 10.30 pm EST.

The best an ideal opportunity to see the Cold Moon in India will be at 7.54 IST on December 29 and 8.57 on December 30.

You can watch the full moon at its glory by looking toward the sky around evening time on these two evenings.

The best an ideal opportunity to observe full moons is the point at which they can be most handily observed during moonrise, which happens in the eastern sky.

Sky gazers should discover when the coordinate is nearest with the goal that the rising full moon can be seen in the midst of gathering twilight.

The peak time to watch the Cold Moon is around 15 minutes after moonrise.

Cold Moon is the highest in Earth’s night sky:

The full moon of December consistently rises the most elevated in the sky. The Cold Moon comes only a couple days after the longest evening of the year.

Along these lines, the Cold Moon will take a higher and all the more northerly direction in the night sky as it inverse to the low sun.

The moon will be over the horizon longer than at other season and pass near the peak, the point straightforwardly overhead in the sky.

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