These days, smart trackers are really useful for keeping track of essentials. It’s a quick and accurate approach to keep track of the goods you really shouldn’t lose. Samsung offers SmartTag, and Apple has AirTag. With some essential improvements, the Korean behemoth unveiled SmartTag 2 lately. A four-pack of Samsung SmartTag 2 is currently discounted by $30, making it available for $70 on Amazon for those who are interested.

If you would rather purchase a single piece rather than a four-pack, it is likewise discounted to $21.

Grab the SmartTag 2 Bundle

If you own a Samsung phone, this is one of the best smart trackers because the majority of the functions and tracking capabilities work flawlessly.

Features of the Samsung SmartTag 2

The Samsung SmartTag 2 enhances the functionality of Compass View by providing distance and position data along with directing arrows. It is compatible with Galaxy smartphones that support UWB. With power-saving mode, the updated version may prolong the battery life up to 700 days, giving an increased 500 days. Compared to its predecessor, it has improved by fifty percent. Moreover, it has an IP67 rating for dust and water protection. Other features, such as Bluetooth Low Energy and UWB capabilities, are still shared with its predecessor.

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