As of right moment, SpaceX has successfully landed the first 300 stages of F9 rockets.

When 22 Starlink broadband satellites were launched from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station on Friday, June 7, the corporation achieved its milestone.

June 8, at 01:56 GMT, was the time of liftoff. After landing vertically on the SpaceX droneship A Shortfall of Gravitas, positioned in the Atlantic Ocean, the first stage of the Falcon 9 returned to Earth as scheduled, some 8.5 minutes later.

An official SpaceX mission description states that this was the booster’s sixteenth launch and landing. Starlink missions have accounted for twelve of the flights.

52.5 minutes after liftoff, the upper stage of the Falcon 9 continued to deliver the 22 Starlink satellites to low Earth orbit.

Launch marked SpaceX’s 59th orbital flight of the year thus far. Of those, forty-two have been devoted to expanding the Starlink megaconstellation of the business, which now has over 6,000 operational satellites.

Launches of SpaceX’s Starship megarocket, which has made two test flights this year, are not included in the total above. In the most recent one, which took place on June 6, both stages of the massive vehicle successfully landed in their designated ocean landing zones.

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