One of the most remarkable names in the real estate industry is Jatinder Singh Walia. He is an Indian businessman who has successfully installed his business ventures in India and Dubai. In the 20th century the world has witnessed a remarkable growth in modernization and Industrialization. Metropolitan life has begun to establish in every branch of the world. So the real estate industry has an important role in making this metropolitan life work. Walia is one of those entrepreneurs who is a major contributor in the real estate industry. Although he has successfully established an empire of his own the path to pursue is very rocky.

Jatinder Singh Walia started his journey as a builder

Waila was born and brought up in Punjab.

Coming from a small town and middle class family, starting a business isn’t very easy for this talented man. During his college days he started working as a builder to learn more about the industry. Later on after years of hard work and dedication he finally established his own real estate company in his hometown Kapurthala. However, success doesn’t come overnight. There is lots of blood, sweat and tears behind the successful empire of his we see now. After working in multiple projects he finally came into prominence after establishing Gurpax mall in Kapurthala. On top of that, he also founded a Domino’s Pizza venture as well in the area. There wasn’t any looking back after this. He successfully opened other business ventures in Jalandhar as well. Later on, his company expanded to Dubai as well.

In an Industrialized country like Dubai it’s very difficult for a foreigner to have a successful business within enormous competition but Walia with his amazing skills and strategies has proven it wrong. He installed multiple ventures here like business set-up services, co-working space and rental car services etc. Later on, he made an astonishing profit without these ventures in Dubai and currently has become one of the renowned faces in the Real estate industry in Dubai.

Notwithstanding, his lavish lifestyle and numerous assets are the result of his growing business. Although he is now in his 60s he doesn’t have any plans to stop. For now we have to wait and watch how much progress Walia can make in future.

Undoubtedly Waila is an inspiration to a lot of young entrepreneurs out there who wants to make big in this industry.

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