The oral care industry is continuously evolving with the introduction of the latest technologies and equipment. Additionally, dental professionals keep inventing new methods and adapting the latest trends to offer exceptional service. According to Dr. Izquierdo, “In recent years, the field of dentistry has witnessed stellar advancements in technology. Laser technology and other inventions  are replacing traditional methods.” President and CEO of Moderna Dental Corporation, Dr. Izquierdo’s company is dedicated to owning, managing, and representing dental practices across the United States. A pioneer in the field, he shares five major rising trends in the dental industry that will revolutionize dentistry even further.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming more mainstream as dental practices are using it to optimize their processes. Additionally, the introduction of robot-dentists will transform dentistry, as it will become common for robot-dentists to perform minimally invasive treatments such as teeth cleaning, filling cavities, and tooth extractions.

Emotional dentistry

Emotional dentistry has enabled dentists to display the end or desired result to the patients before committing to the treatments. Especially used for procedures such as smile upgrades, teeth whitening, and dental implants, creating a visual representation via 3D photos helps the patient to envision the outcome and make an informed decision, leading to emotional and mental satisfaction.

3D printing

3D printers have made a significant impact on dentistry and are one of the most exciting rising trends. It has helped massively to reduce time and costs associated with the production of orthodontic appliances such as crowns, aligners, veneers, braces, and several other products. The decrease in dependency on third-party labs for the same ensures an increase in revenue, quick turnaround time, and more clients. With the upgrade in technology, dentists can offer patients custom solutions for issues such as sleep apnea, teeth grinding, and prosthodontics.

Natural dentistry

There has been an uptick in the popularity of natural dental products such as charcoal toothpaste and bamboo toothbrushes with the millennial generation. Environment conscious individuals are increasingly opting for oral hygiene products that contain natural ingredients. Dentists are now adapting and incorporating natural products in their inventory as an alternative to chemically filled products.

Leveraging social media

It has become pertinent for dentists to keep up with the emerging trend of digital media and build an online presence and employ effective SEO strategies to create a positive impression, attract new patients, and promote services. Also, potential patients tend to visit the website and social media accounts to check the dentist’s bio, services offered, and to read the reviews and testimonials left by other patients.

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