1. Tiago EV

Benefits for the MY2023 Tata Tiago EV stocks are much more than they were last month, reaching a maximum of Rs 95k. With respect to the MY2024 models, this month’s benefits for the long-range variants amount to Rs 75k, while the mid-range versions receive savings of up to Rs 60k. Last month, discounts of Rs 52k were offered on the same long-range MY2024 models.

There are two different battery packs available for the Tiago EV: a 19.2kWh battery with a 250 km stated range and a 24kWh battery with a 315 km claimed range. The smaller battery is coupled with a motor that generates 110Nm of torque and 60bhp of power, along with a 3.3kW home charger. In contrast, a 7.2kW home charger and a more potent motor with 74bhp and 114Nm are attached to the larger battery.

2. Nexon EV

With benefits worth up to Rs 1.35 lakh this month, the MY2023 Tata Nexon EV is available with the largest discounts, while the revised MY2024 Nexon EV receives savings of up to Rs 85,000, excluding the Creative + MR option. Competitive pricing ranges for the Nexon EV are Rs 14.49 lakh to Rs 19.49 lakh.

    The Nexon EV is available in two variants: the Mid-Range (MR) version, which uses a 30kWh battery to power a 127bhp/215Nm motor for an ARAI-certified range of 325km, and the Long Range (LR) version, which uses a larger 40.5kWh battery to power a 143bhp/215Nm motor with a claimed range of 465km. These versions are similar to the Tiago version.

    3. Punch EV

    The Tata Punch EV, which was just introduced, is the vehicle with the lowest discounts. Benefits up to Rs 10,000 are currently being granted this month. The e-SUV, like the others in the lineup, comes with two battery pack choices: a 25kWh battery pack with a maximum range of 315 km, and a 35kWh battery pack with a stated 421 km range on a single charge. The cost range for the Punch EV is Rs 10.99 lakh to Rs 15.49 lakh.

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