Confidence is a powerful word and even more a powerful feeling. But what do you think being confident entails? Munish Maya, The award winning Mindset Coach and Life Strategist believes that confidence is not an innate fixed trait, It’s a state of mind. Confidence doesn’t come from your outward achievement, It comes from within.

Confidence is a very personal term because it cannot be measured but can only be felt.
Confident people believe in themselves and have a positive mindset.

Mr Maya says that one of the surest ways to lose confidence is try to be someone else. When you’re trying to be someone you’re not, every part of you resists it. You are not defined by others parameters. You are authentically you and the more you can understand who you are and what you value the more you tend to remain confident. Your confidence is in fact the reflection of your authentic self.

Munish Maya, who is world’s Leading Entrepreneur, Influencer, and Business Strategist has come very far in his life. Since the beginning of his career Maya has been helping individuals and organizations in escalating their personal and business success. He has been doing so with the help of his seminars, workshops and audio books, which are easily accessible and available to common people too. Munish aim it help people to overcome obstacles and live their life powerfully so that they could become the best version of themselves.

Till date Munish has done over 500+ collaborations with well known and promising brands and organizations. He has been empowering a thriving community of over 1.2 million + people globally through his social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Munish says that confidence comes from feeling of wellbeing, self acceptance of your mind & body and strong belief in your abilities, skills and experience. Having a positive mindset is an ultimate way to improve confidence. With positive mindset no matter how tense the situation may be you always tend to remain calm, composed and confident.

Developing a positive mindset requires willingness to change your perspective, habits and routines.

Finally Mr Maya added that everything boils down to you, If you’re willing to embrace change, have a strong self belief & mindset nothing gonna stop you from feeling more confident & ultimately, successful.

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