Although the new mixed reality Vision Pro headset is receiving most of the attention when it comes to Apple Inc. goods, there have been rumors circulating today that the company has been quietly working on concepts for two foldable iPhones.

Two of the more intriguing developments coming out of Apple’s research lab, according to The Information, are foldable iPhone prototypes in the clamshell style that fold horizontally, just like the Galaxy Z Flip smartphones from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. Apple’s developers reportedly “struggled” to create a flip phone that wasn’t capable of breaking, despite the company’s apparent attempts to design flip phones with displays on the exterior.

According to the report, Apple’s team has experimented with foldable devices that won’t be any larger than any of the existing iPhone models, but this has also proven difficult considering the dimensions of the batteries and display components. It appears that the corporation is in contact with at least one manufacturer in Asia over obtaining the parts needed for these supposedly difficult-to-assemble phones.

Seven years after Samsung’s folding phones debuted on the market, in 2026, it is anticipated that Apple would release its phones on the high street if it is successful in creating functional prototypes that live up to its high standards.

The cost of these things reflects how difficult they are to make. In the United States, the Fold 5 costs closer to $1,800 than Samsung’s Flip 5, which is too much for many buyers. The Flip 5 costs roughly $1,000. However, it appears that these gadgets are well-liked, at least based on the projections of technology industry research firm Counterpoint, which states that worldwide shipments of foldable smartphones would increase from 18.6 million in 2023 to 57 million in 2025 to 101.5 million in 2027. It is anticipated that Apple and Samsung will rule the market.

If foldable technology is the way of the future, then China’s demand for these gadgets is a major factor in the current boom. Apple is also apparently developing a foldable tablet with an eight-inch display that will resemble the iPad Mini in size. The engineers at the company have also faced challenges because of this. According to current rumors, the folding iPad won’t be available until 2026 or 2027.

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