Microsoft is raising the upload file size cutoff of its OneDrive document storage service to 250GB, up from the past 100GB limit, the company has reported.

Microsoft says it is rolling out the improvement to recognize the expansion in remote working and learning, where clients need to dependably and safely share enormous files like 4K or 8K video files, 3D models, CAD files, or huge logical informational indexes with co-workers, customers, and peers.

“We are pleased to announce that we’re making it easier than ever for you to store, sync, and share large files in Microsoft 365. Our latest improvement will help increase the upload file size limit for Microsoft 365 from 100 GB to 250 GB—which includes uploads of files into SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. So now, you will be able to easily share large files like a 3D model of a new building, a client commercial shot in 8K video, a large dataset for a vaccine trial or research projects or large videos for educational projects.”

Microsoft clarified that the change isn’t limited to business and school clients – any individual who utilizes OneDrive would now be able to exploit the new 250GB document size limit for uploading things like video albums and enormous game files.

The company says it has figured out how to raise as far as possible by parting each document into chunks, with each piece encrypted with an extraordinary key. Furthermore, syncing enormous files has been enhanced with the assistance of differential sync, which just uploads the progressions that clients make to the stored file.

Support for the new 250GB file size transfer will turn out before the finish of January, and Microsoft anticipates general accessibility of the new limit by end of this quarter.

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