Lego is growing its line of Super Mario-themed line with seven new sets coming in January 2021, Nintendo and The Lego Group reported Tuesday.

The Lego Super Mario line was reported in March and dispatched in August. It includes an electronic Super Mario that responds to various blocks.

At the point when consolidated, the diverse playsets permit children and grown-ups the same to reproduce their favorite levels, while a cell phone application monitors the focuses and gives building guidelines. While the first line included four biomes (water, fire, sand, and grass), this new line adds the Soda Jungle, representing poison with its purple tone.

Seven new sets in all were reported on Tuesday. The highlight is known as the Master Your Adventure Maker Set, which Lego portrays as a “creative toolbox.”

“Using the Customization Machine included in the Maker Set,” Lego proceeded, “children can change how Lego Mario reacts to three Special Bricks, offering variety in play, excitement and an element of surprise. The Maker Set also introduces a new special Start Pipe that will shuffle the known rules of the level play, in that players are challenged to reach the Goal Pole in less time, yet with increased rewards up for grabs. The Maker Set comes with 366 pieces, all selected to ensure that children can unleash their creativity and customize their own levels for themselves or other players.”

The seven new sets incorporate the following:

  1. Super Mario Master Your Adventure Maker Set — $59.99

2. Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter Expansion Set — $19.99

3. Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge Expansion Set $29.99

4. Wiggler’s Poison Swamp Expansion Set — $39.99

5. Super Mario Penguin Mario Power-Up Pack — $9.99

6. Super Mario Tanooki Mario Power-Up Pack — $9.99

7. Character Packs, Series 2 — $4.99

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