An absolute best aspect concerning Animal Crossing: New Horizons is simply the villagers. Players went through hours (and now and again genuine cash) to welcome the ideal setup of creatures to their islands, curating a list if people to attend characterized by adorableness, character, and style.

There’s constantly been a ton in New Horizons for players to do with their townspeople, regardless of whether that is visiting them in their homes or giving them gifts. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about those of us who simply need to chill with our residents? Soon, Nintendo will let us sit.

New Horizons players have needed the capacity to simply spend time with their townspeople. You know … just vibe? To sit on the sea shore with Pietro. To take in the river sounds with Raymond. To stare into the void with Coco.

Individuals have been requesting this since New Horizons was delivered. Without a doubt, you can put a pad on the ground and sit with a resident. In any case, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to simply sit on the ground?

Presently, sitting with your townspeople is possible, because of the Nov. 19 update coming free to New Horizons. Sitting will be one of only a handful few new Reactions added to the game.

It does precisely what it says on the tin: It lets you sit down — no cushion required. Turkey Day and Toy Day are both accompanying the update, as well, yet players are more amped up for the little things: new finished hair choices and the sitting Reaction.

Past the new Sit Down animation, Nintendo is likewise adding different approaches to participate with your townspeople’s exercises, including yoga and exercise. Presently you can join your residents for their morning sweat meeting in the court. Yet, it’s Sit Down that is truly got people excited.

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