Facebook is a place where large groups of people separated by distance can sit and chat with each other and talk about the goings-on of their daily lives. It is a wonder that such a platform can be the source of such pride for people. But that is exactly what happened on Facebook in 2012. Gentjan Cekeli established the world record for “The Most Comments on a Single Facebook Item” with the help of visitors to the page.

Gentjan is the owner of the Jeta Osh Qef, an Albanian social media site, and had also created an associated Facebook page for branding and promotion purposes. On the site’s Facebook page, Gentjan posted a status update on March 4, 2012. Within less than three months the status attracted millions of visitors and received over one million comments. That is when the Guinness World Record Committee was notified. “I wasn’t aware that this was an achievement, but people around me saw the comments and they were surprised. They thought surely this was a big achievement and asked me to apply to the World Record Committee. I was shocked when the committee declared my Facebook Item to have the most comments,” said Gentjan.

Gentjan, only 23 years old at the time of the status update, had launched Jeta Osh Qef as a kind of regulatory news channel for Albanians, their life and culture. The purpose of the website was to promote positive stories about Albanians and their way of life while denouncing the negative stories and rumors.

Gentjan prefers not to dwell on public life or stay in the public’s eye, preferring to stay active on social media doing his work. therefore, he has dedicated a large amount of his time to promoting the Jeta Osh Qef website through his website’s Facebook page.

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