According to a recent research, Apple acquired “up to” 32 AI companies in 2023—more than any other tech company.

It’s also reported that Apple acquired businesses early in their existence.
A Stocklytics summary of the paywalled Statista report is provided.

Recent years have seen a clear indication of Apple’s pursuit of AI technologies. To strengthen its AI skills across a range of product lines, the internet giant has made a number of strategic acquisitions, including hiring personnel from AI startups. […]

By 2023, Apple will have acquired up to 32 AI startups—more than any other tech company. Google is lagging behind Apple with 21, Meta with 18, and Microsoft with 17 in the total AI startup acquisition.

Apple’s purchase binge is noteworthy in part because of its focus on acquiring early-stage firms, which suggests a proactive approach to spot and fund cutting-edge AI trends and technologies before they become widely accepted.

Since Apple frequently completes acquisitions quietly and without making an announcement, the source data represents an estimate. In 2021, CEO Tim Cook stated that the business typically acquired a startup every three to four weeks. The following year, he revised that estimate to every two to three weeks.

The Cupertino corporation claims that it often purchases businesses based on their people and technology, but it hardly ever discusses why it made a specific acquisition.

Apple occasionally acquires smaller tech startups.

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