A leaker with a patchy history has hopped on the iPhone SE 4 rumor bandwagon by reposting previously leaked design details.

There have been prior rumors that the fourth-generation iPhone SE will resemble an iPhone 14 with a Dynamic Island and a single camera. Though its development has been a little disorganized, 2025 may see its arrival.

The iPhone SE 4 may feature the size of the iPhone XR and a “similar” appearance to the iPhone 16, according to leaker Majin Bu on X. It would feature the Dynamic Island and one huge camera on the back.

He stated that this material shouldn’t be taken too seriously in a follow-up post.
There are rumors that the iPhone 16’s exterior will resemble that of the iPhone 15. The iPhone 15 resembles the iPhone 14 save for a small curvature at the base of the aluminum band.

Therefore, “a design very similar to that of the current iPhone 16” may simply refer to the iPhone 14, as per the earlier rumor. Bu is probably referring to the iPhone SE 4 being larger than the iPhone SE 3, but that would be obvious if it had an iPhone 14/16 design. Therefore, his mention of the iPhone XR is a bit of a red herring.

The rumors about the single camera and Dynamic Island match what was previously disclosed. To remain competitive with the entry-level iPhone 15 and the speculated iPhone 16, that camera may be 48MP.

These specifications might seem high for a cheap device, but the iPhone 14 will have been out of production for three years by 2025. Furthermore, Apple may alter any of these speculated features prior to the start of full production.

Majin Bu’s credibility has been eroding due to leaks. He has been the subject of some true rumors, but they usually coincide with rumors from more reliable sources.

Additionally, he’s been quite agitated this week due to unsubstantiated rumors of smaller batteries and modifications to the camera bump design.

The leaker frequently distributes pictures or leaks from Weibo without giving credit. Any initial leaks, such as those revealing a revamped iMessage app, also don’t seem to work out.

But given that Bu is tying his most recent rumor to earlier statements. More reliable sources, such as Ming-Chi Kuo, haven’t commented on the iPhone SE 4 in a long because the first version, which was supposed to be released in 2024, was delayed.

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