Popoffke, the Sacramento based musical artist is reaching new milestones day by day in the present music industry. His original name is Kemar Young but adopted the stage name of Popoffke to signify the start of a new chapter in his life. In the current year, he has been putting a lot of hard work into his creations and is the rising star of the Californian music industry.

The young artist has been releasing new music consistently in the last few months and shows no sign of stopping. He is new to the world of self-produced and composing music but has created a buzz around himself. Popoffke has gained a massive number of fans in a very short period and his music has made him famous internationally. He has made his name with his fresh songs in an authentic manner for himself. He is the latest sensation in the music world on the internet. He is very different from the other music genres like Hip hop, Pop, R&B and is quite unique in his own style.

Through his songs, he shares his life in a very different type of musical tale describing his journey as a young upcoming talented artist. The musician’s skills and the art of storytelling over a slow beat is an unforgettable melody, which is quite addictive and attracts the audiences towards itself. While listening to his music, you can feel it slowly going into your own life and you are lost in the melody of the music. His songs are really very raw and expressive too. And that’s the reason behind it which is making it famous and liked by all music lovers. This has made him a music sensation in a short span of time throughout the globe.

His music and songs are not copied by other artists, they are even not adapted from any other source, they do not match with other musicians’ compositions. This is probably because Popoffke is unafraid while expressing his emotions through his musical tales and giving his song his personal touch in a unique manner. In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to become famous and recognised in any industry, if you are not the best among the rest. Today we are living in a world that is highly competitive and to make a place for yourself is just impossible. To influence others is quite difficult unless you have high self-belief and self-esteem in yourself which will create wonders for you and you will be able to establish yourself in society. Such has been done by rapper and composer Popoffke. Popoffke in the year 2020 decided to take his career to the next level and officially begin releasing his own musical albums. His latest song “chasing dreams” has just released on YouTube only a few weeks back and is ranking high in each and every playlist.

Check out his new song here: https://youtu.be/HbvdJ0FueIY


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