At just 19 years old when others of his age are either found frolicking or bogged down with their studies, Divyam Agarwal has already established himself in such a way that he will not only be securing his own future but also the futures of many others. Born and brought up in Bareilly Divyam is a small-town boy. However, none of his dreams and aspirations as a child was ever small. Since he was only 10 years old Divyam has had a fascination with making it large. Throughout his school life, he has worked with the goal of completing his education and immediately launching into a field of work that would give him the results that he wanted. Business seemed to be the only career option that would allow him to achieve such dreams. He has worked hard day and night and kept trying his level best to accumulate as much knowledge as he could.

Today in the year 2021 Divyam Agarwal has been reported to earn over a million dollars in revenue in just one year. He provides his services under two main Enterprises by the name of SWAGGER DEEVS And Deevs MP3. SWAGGER DEEVS has become not only his brand name but also his identity at this point in time. Divyam’s main field of work under the label of SWAGGER DEEVS includes being a digitally forward social media entrepreneur who will help those businesses and individuals who need his advice to establish and maintain their online presence.

Divyam Agarwal is present on both Instagram and Facebook, two of the biggest social media platforms of our generation. He has a network of over 100 thousand followers on his Instagram account which includes top names such as Ibrahim Soul, Anjali Kapoor, Bihari Ladka, Karan Ahuja, Sameeksha Sud, and many more. He also recently got verified on his Facebook account.  Divyam uses his large follower list to promote other brands and artists on his channel to help them get further exposure and grow their target audience.

To date, Divyam Agarwal has worked with more than 15000 global clients and has provided his services to over 50 multinational companies. Divyam has definitely made his impression on the digital marketing world and is now considered to be one of the best at the game.

As for Deevs MP3, Divyam has worked with several singers and composers by producing their tracks to help them start their journey in an unapologetically competitive industry. Without his help, we would have missed out and some of the true gems which are a favorite of many. Some of their prior releases include hits such as Niana, Naseeb Se, Ishq Ye.

Divyam’s entire career is centered around enabling others such as politicians, artists, industrialists, social workers, influencers, and YouTubers to find their voice in this digital world. This is why he also takes up cases of cyber fraud and bullying and is all for speaking up when others can’t.

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