Many entrepreneurs share their knowledge as a way to give back to the society, Bjorn is one of them.

Knowing the rapid growth of various business sectors and the rise of many entrepreneurs and professionals operating in the same field still feels unreal. They are the ones who put innovation on the forefront and emerge above others by achieving the impossible. Bjorn, who today has built a lifestyle for himself for others to take inspiration from through his unending efforts and brand O5O, does the same in the business sector.

Born in Switzerland, Bjorn is a versatile entrepreneur. He started off his career by dealing in clothing, which included importing and selling online. From the beginning, he had the mentality of an goal oriented entrepreneur which led him launch his own company. His business gave him good profits during the initial phases, but later on he was left with a huge debt due to lack of experience, expertise and proper direction, leading him to quit the game. With the disappointment of his initial business trials and deep financial debts, and before creating life-changing circumstances for any existing business, Bjorn had to learn the value of preparing ahead of everything. Soon he was able to develop the O5O brand from scratch which led to investors jump in to be a part of his massive venture.

After facing many setbacks in life, Bjorn has redeemed himself to prove that he is definitely a successful businessman and that is also part of the reason why O5O, his personal brand, is soaring high. His recommendation to all aspiring entrepreneurs is, “One of the worst things that can happen to you is, run out of capital amidst your entrepreneurial journey, you need to avoid buying things which you would eventually sell due to lack of finances.”

Hearing about Bjorn and his brand and other achievements would be a strong base for any new entrepreneur in the business sector to begin with. Without a doubt, even though it seems risky, Bjorn has motivated many entrepreneurs to step into their passion for entrepreneurship.

Follow him on Instagram @o5o_official.

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