Electronic Millionaires not only exist, they are created every day. Most have made their fortunes not by creating apps, games, or new social networks-things away of reach for the typical person-but by creating and marketing online educational programs on subjects as common as cooking, starting a business, losing weight, internet dating advice, even how to juggle! Serta Henry is one of the people Digital Billionaires. He went from barely being able to pay his electric to an 8-figure earner by selling his advice online. This book is the system how to start, grow, and level an online education and learning business-skipping the trial and error. In this book, you’ll discover how you can duplicate his success and switch your knowledge into a profitable online business by joining the multi-billion-dollar e-learning industry.
About the Author

Dan Henry has sold over 10 dollars million of his very own digital products and has been a key component in helping to generate several internet millionaires. He has developed an enormous following and has featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Publication, Business Insider, and more. Today, Serta is the originator of GetClients. possuindo, and while he is proud of his success, he is even more pleased with having helped 1000s of business owners turn their ambitions into reality. Several people teach you how to proceed and how to do it. I teach you how to accomplish well. -Dan Henry

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