National Dance Day is an holiday which is celebrated every year on the third Saturday in September. The day centers around bringing issues to light about dance. It likewise urges Americans to dance as a fun and positive approach to keep up great health and battle obesity.

It is an occasion that was made by Nigel Lythgoe – the co-maker and one of the adjudicators on the TV program “So You Think You Can Dance” just as the co-leader of the Dizzy Feet Foundation – in 2010.

It is an occasion that urges Americans to hold onto moving as an approach to battle obesity and improve their health.

History of National Dance Day

In 2010, co-creator and judge of “So You Think You Can Dance” made National Dance Day to urge the American public to practice more and battle obesity.

That very year, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton acquainted a goal with Congress that would make National Dance Day an official occasion and starting at 2016, has presented exactly the same goal every single year.

Every goal does the accompanying things: One, it underpins the assignment of National Dance Day to energize move instruction and move; Two, says that move is a significant commitment to the consolation of physical wellness and the decrease of stoutness; and Three, compliments Nigel Lythgoe for his authority in advancing this occasion.

Benefits of dancing:

As a cardiovascular exercise, dancing offers various advantages. The activity might be low or high effect. Be that as it may, possibly one will increase aerobic fitness. Different benefits of dancing include:

  • improved muscle tone
  • weight management
  • flexibility and strength
  • strong bones and diminished danger of osteoporosis
  • improved balance
  • expanded cardiovascular health
  • upgraded opportunity for social collaboration
  • helps support mood

Additionally, age doesn’t make a difference. Your dancing partner might be a kid or somebody 20 years your senior. Regardless of how talented you are, there’s consistently another progression to learn, as well. Grab an partner and get dancing.

How to celebrate National Dance Day

Turn on a favorite song and dance. Enlist kids in dance classes. While you’re busy, sign yourself and an partner up for them, as well. You’ll improve your health and your social life while engaging in with somebody you care about.

Welcome companions to go along with you and learn as a gathering. What better approach to #CelebrateEveryDay over to begin dancing?

Types of Dances to Learn:

  • Ballroom
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Ballet
  • Country Western
  • Hip Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Square Dance
  • Line Dance
  • Latin

You can likewise take dance classes to improve your skills. The individuals who as of now sport some distraught moves should offer to educate others. Watch your favorite artists and attempt to stay on point.

Play dance video games and offer your scores. While you’re instructing, learning, or simply improvising, share your dance moves. Take a video while you’re having a good time. Post via social media utilizing #NationalDanceDay to encourage others to do as such also.

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