All our behaviors result from our mental programming function. We act the same way that family and society orient our minds. These hidden and powerful commanders are our mental patterns. Kind people follow the mental pattern of kindness, and aggressive people act according to the mental routine of aggression. A person who is careless of their family and future would live based on the circuit of irresponsibility that has been already put in their mind as a child. Someone who makes money has developed the mental pattern of making money. This criterion can be considered for over 90% of human actions and behavior.

Changing mental habits is hard and easy at the same time. It is simple for those who know how to adjust mental routines scientifically and accurately, while it can be challenging for those who have no idea how to do so. The most common practices to transform mental habits are making notes, subjectification, and repeatedly saying affirmations.

But with the advances in quantum physics and metaphysics, the subsequent advent of the new science called frequency serves to ease modifying mental patterns.

In frequency, certain words with special waves and vibrations form new patterns in the listener’s mind. A performance that takes months and years of practice, imagination, writing, and repeating affirmative sentences reduces to only a few weeks via frequency waves.

Frequency is a new emergent science that works as a stimulus. Many scientists have researched the frequency method for ages and got helpful outcomes.

As far as I believe that super-naturals and Islamic occult sciences are reliable and practical, I decided to employ the science of numbers, letters, sounds, and motifs to build frequencies able to change mental patterns.

Eventually, by the grace of God, after years of research and investigation, I could make it to create these frequencies with the help of domestic and foreign masters who were qualified in this regard.

Although I was completely confident and believed in the performance of the files, I dedicated nearly four years to testing them. Therefore, I received positive feedback from different people after using the files.

In the frequency collection of Arshian, many verses of the Holy Qur’an and divine names are included imperceptibly in particular ways to achieve the results that please the audience.

Thanks to God, this invention has passed the steps of global registration and is currently being completed in Switzerland. Similar frequencies have been developed using this method, including frequencies for obtaining the mental patterns of power, happiness, freedom, self-esteem, and money-making.

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