In a world full of specialization, some people like to multitask and be experts in their multitasking work fields. One such individual is Rumour, who is determined to achieve success no matter how difficult situations get, and how many hindrances life provided him. It would be justified to say that Rumour managed to prove to the world his passion by never giving up and being determined. Rumour is not simply a musician, but also an influential personality posing and portraying the right kind of morals for the younger generations, which is exactly the requirements in the present times.

As a true multitasking enthusiast, Rumour plays the role of a musician and that of an office worker. His workplace is in DC, where he holds his job of keeping an accurate record of the departmental budget. It might include various calendar events, email requests, things that need his assistance, invoicing, and helping out his co-workers once in a while as per requirement. All that he is, he has managed to do on his own. Rumour is one of the most capable individuals who never fails to show his true qualities through any work that he does.

Aliem Jumpp, the first manager and mentor of Rumour has always pushed him forward to perform better as an artist and as an individual too. Rumour truly hands it out to him for guiding him and teaching him everything that he has known in the music business world. There are obviously other artists that Rumour admires, including Blackbear, who is his favourite artist of all time. Not one day goes by when Rumour does not listen to his music. It is something that cannot be comprehended did in words because no vocabulary can amount to the peace and satisfaction that Rumour drives from his songs. It gives him the motivation to write music himself, without giving way to self-doubt.

With several years down the lane, Rumour has spent an extremely long time in the industry. He understands the importance of downs as much as the Ups. One thing or the other is bound to go wrong, but success is inevitable or a person who keeps on trying no matter how many times he fails. In fact, this is also how he managed to finally feature on 4 billboard stations throughout the country, after trying continuously for several years and working hard on his music.

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