The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and broadcaster NHK are collaborating to build up a space camera equipped for shooting in 4K and 8K resolutions to catch Mars like it’s never been seen before.

In the interim, 8K video remains restrictively costly withdraw here on Earth, so in case you will get some ludicrously high-resolution footage, it should be something out of this world.

In a press statement declaring the collaboration this week, JAXA said this “Super Hi-Vision Camera” will film the red planet and its moons, Phobos and Deimos, during the organization’s arranged Martian Moons eXploration mission.

Once introduced on the MMX shuttle, it will snap pictures of Mars at normal stretches and halfway send them to Earth to “create a smooth image” and store the firsts in a return case headed back home.

In addition to shooting Mars, the camera would likewise help JAXA and NHK imagine the spacecraft’s behavior back down on Earth by consolidating flight information with its ultra-high-resolution pictures. It could likewise assist them with working the rocket, JAXA included.

“By filming MMX’s mission in the Martian system, 300 million kilometers away from Earth, with the newly developed Super Hi-Vision Camera, JAXA and NHK will work together to convey the appeal of a new horizon that has never been seen in detail before, to many people in a vivid and inspiring way,” JAXA said.

MMX is booked to launch in 2024 and arrive at Mars by 2025, so it’ll be some time yet before we get the opportunity to see that 8K film. With pictures that nitty gritty, however, it could assist researchers with disentangling the puzzler of Mars’ history and give a more critical gander at how microorganisms and water endure on the planet’s surface.

What’s more, obviously, NHK will leave the arrangement with actually one-of-a-kind footage that no other broadcaster can would like to coordinate. Well that is the thing that you call a success win circumstance.

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