With Software Update 2024.2.6, which adds “marks” to highlight things like accidents and road closures—features that have been available on Apple, Google Maps, and Waze—Tesla’s navigation is now better than ever.

Although Tesla’s navigation system is among the most responsive and immersive in the market, it still lacks a few functions that are available in other third-party programs.

For example, Waze, Apple Maps, and Google Maps provide more notifications regarding impending traffic conditions. Other drivers can crowdsource information about everything from police, accidents, road debris, and disabled vehicles to display on the screen as a warning to other drivers.

It seems that Tesla is now exerting the same effort.

The navigation will receive a number of enhancements, including alerts for closed roads and accidents, according to Tesla hacker Green. Additionally, it will let drivers select toll-free routes:

Options for route selection are one of the update’s other enhancements. Do you want to take a longer, more picturesque journey that avoids going on the interstate? There’s a way to do it.

It will recommend the route that requires the least amount of driving time if you’re pressed for time.

The installation of speed camera awareness in early December 2023 marked Tesla’s most recent navigational advancement. Among many other new features, that update included a new driver monitoring tool.

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