A new webcam from Logitech with an articulating, flexible arm that enables effortless movement and even downward-facing video recording is named the Reach. According to the manufacturer, this is the ideal tool for analog show-and-tell presentations since the downward angle makes it possible to record video of the items you have on your desk. In other words, use the Logitech Reach for livestreams, online tutoring, interactive remote meetings, and a variety of other presentations.

Users are advised by the business to “lay out the content to show first, then position the camera.” In order to achieve this, the articulation follows several axes, rather like a microphone stand, to enhance the variety of what can be recorded. There is a grip to move the camera along the vertical axis, a button for vertical movement, and lossless zoom up to 4.3x. Even built-in guidance indicators are available to help the image maintain its upright position while the camera moves. Together, these axes “create novel vantage points” that alleviate the difficulties associated with distributing non-digital content.

The camera has sharper glass optics and a new intelligent autofocus capability, making it an improved version of the well-liked Logitech Streamcam. The specifications are the same other from that, so expect 1080p/60fps video capability. The device is touted by Logitech as being plug-and-play because it connects through USB and seamlessly interacts with the majority of computers and streaming services. Additionally, a low-profile edge clamp is included for a more convenient use experience.

Although Logitech is being rather coy about costs and availability, a survey on the company’s website suggests that early adopters should expect to pay between $300 and $400 less. As a point of interest, the Streamcam alone costs about $180. Logitech will use Indiegogo Enterprise to raise money for the Reach instead of conducting formal sales of the camera. The campaign’s launch date is not yet set in stone.

The answer appears to be negative if you’re wondering if you can get the mount without the camera so you may add your own. The team thought about making this change, but according to Logitech product lead Gaurav Bradoo of The Verge, market research suggested they should go for “an end-to-end solution and not just a mount.”

Logitech is, of course, a giant with many tentacles, and the camera section is only one of them. The company has recently made progress in other areas, updating its Pebble range of keyboards and the G Pro X Superlight gaming mouse.

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