Establishing two ventures and emerging as the most successful entrepreneur of all time, Barry comes across as a known personality today.

The entrepreneurial world has given a constant rise to individuals who are passionate about their work and who aim for the stars. Such enterprising people around the business realm have enthralled all with their extraordinary work, which is the best amongst all. Driven by extreme passion, they have carved their own distinct mark around the entrepreneurial realm, which makes them a huge success today. It’s a known fact that creating a business and taking it to dizzying heights of success is not an easy job and drains out a lot from you. However, there are some individuals who have done exceedingly well in their professional careers, Barry Kibwika being one of them. Barry who is known by the name Harnun has attained a glorious career in the field of fashion, having established two successful ventures back to back namely “Sabaa” and “The 47th Dynasty” .

He has accomplished a lot more than his age, and that’s what is impressive about him. The fashion industry is extremely vast and competitive at the same time, but that hasn’t deterred him from going ahead and establishing his strong base around that space. This African born fashion entrepreneur was born in Africa and was always drawn towards the fashion scene right from the beginning. His mind always dwelled around that space and that led to the formation of his two ventures which have today crossed all boundaries and created history. Apart from running two successful businesses, Harnun is also an author who has released his latest writing titled “Return back to self love”. Furthermore, he is also a trained Kemetic yoga teacher and runs his brand “Sakhem Yoga”, which is also popular amongst people and is gaining popularity at lightning speed.

He is indeed a fine example of how one should take charge of their business and keep achieving more throughout their professional journeys.

To know more about him, visit or follow him on Instagram: @harnunofficial

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